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Meet Lostlorn Games!

Mark Rein•Hagen

Creative Director

Mark is an award-winning roleplaying, card, computer, and board game designer best known as the creator of the roleplaying game Vampire: The Masquerade and the World of Darkness and its associated games, including Werewolf: The Apocalypse, Changeling: The Dreaming, and Wraith: The Oblivion. Rein•Hagen is also the co-designer of award-winning Ars Magica. A TV show Kindred: The Embraced based on Vampire was produced by Aaron Spelling and shown on Fox TV with Rein•Hagen serving as a writer/producer. He was on the board of the directors of Wizards of the Coast when Magic: The Gathering was released to the world. He founded Atomoton, created Z-G, the first collectible action figure game, and helped create a virtual reality game VRZ: Torment. He designed a board game called Democracy: Majority Rules. Mark is also the CEO of Make Believe Games, publishers of I Am Zombie, and Sigil & Sign (a Lovecraftian RPG where you play the monster). He is the creator and creative director of a new dark fantasy setting: "Lostlorn". Mark lives in Tbilisi, Georgia, where he works as a political and media consultant with his wife and three children. 

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John J. Gamel

CAO and Co-Creator

Born and raised in Southern California, John has been an avid RPG gamer and storyteller for well over 20 years and is the author of multiple unpublished short works, including the novella: The Heart and the Horizon and the tabletop RPG: Soldier of God - The Last Days.  He served in the medical field for over 15 years, taught as an associate pastor for two years, and has worked in sales for the past five years. Philosophy, nature, and expression are among his greatest passions he has fully brought to bear in his latest pursuit: Lostlorn Games. 


Jason D. Brandon 

The Slightly Less Creative Director

Jason was born in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. He started role-playing in 1980, his halfling thief dying almost immediately and has loved RPGs ever since. He is a certified registered locksmith, a former linguistics professor, and serves as lead pastor for a church in the Appalachian mountains of West Virginia. Short version: Jason is a thief-priest with language proficiency. 


Alicia Lee

Director, RuleMaster

Spawning from eccentric New England, Alicia has background studies in mental health and a long history of small business management ranging from retail and gaming to the sewing arts, to quirky shops, and into the tourism industry where she currently works. She fell in love with TTRPGs ever since playing her first D&D game as a teen, and became the local Storyteller and LARP organizer for Vampire: the Masquerade when World of Darkness stole her heart. Her interests include gaming of all sorts, hiking to mountain waterfalls, creative exploring, and laughing with friends.

Kelly Williams

Chief Operations Officer

Kelly is a native of Texas but currently hails from Bavaria, Germany. Kelly is a combat veteran with The United States Army, a Husband, and a Father. Kelly has been playing D&D since he was able to throw dice, when dinosaurs roamed the earth in the late 1980s. You can often find Kelly behind his podcasting mic, running the very exciting "Crumpets and Kerosene" podcast by MRE Entertainment. 


Christian Luetkemeyer

Chief Financial Officer

Christian lives near Charlotte, NC, and has played D&D since the original D&D Red Box and White Wolf since his first LARP game in high school.  By day, he's a business consultant for a global tech firm, but he's an owner of a game store in Collinsville, IL, by night. 

Seth Nason

Coordinating Director

Seth Nason is a New England native and a small business owner. He attended Limerick University in Limerick, Ireland, as well as PSU in New Hampshire's White Mountains. Seth was one of the founding members of Crumpets and Kerosene and has been an RPG player and Game Master for years. In his "spare" time, Seth helps run a hobby farm and maintains an amateur blacksmith shop on his property. His experience as a small business owner keeps him motivated and organized to help us create some truly awesome work.


Adam Craft

Art Director

Adam is a ten-year veteran art teacher and illustrator and holds degrees in both art education and school counseling. Raised in and long-term resident of Kentucky, he has written and drawn most of his life, with two published books (Songs of Nod and Echoes of Nod), with a third in the works. Adam is also a secret poet, look for his impressive and impromptu verse in Lostlorn lore books.

Additional Rockstars

Writing Team

Mark Rein•Hagen, Jason D. Brandon, John J. Gamel, Greger Lundstedt, Robert Young, Shawn Basey, José Dirceu Vollet Filho, Jedidiah McCarthy, Adam Craft, Seth Nason, Alicia Lee, Connor Heighton, Deacon Rayne, Pedro Padovani, Trissandra Sol Davis, JoLeigh Clay, Brittney Walling, Remick Palmer, Joe Weinberg, Luis Morales, Bradley Irvine, James Droucker, Mehmet Ortaç, Jason Prybylski, and E. Prybylski.

Art Team

Adam Craft, Derek Stevens, Keri Svoboda, Soso Chkhaidze, Runnar Fimbultyrsso, Ben Siekert, Charlie Davis, Joel Bisaillon, Lauren Hottinger, Mary Elise, José Bruno Malta, Seb Tourenne, and Giovanni Pedroni.

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