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The Curse of the Bloodstone Isle

Live the epic tales of pirates daring to stand toe-to-toe with powerful entities, vicious monstrosities, and blood-sucking vampires!


Within a raging tempest, a small island is lost in the endless current of time.

Teeth-rattling thunder and terrible winds rage against barren shores, but inland lies the remnants of a great barony. Founded by pirates, it was once the wealthiest known in any realm, enriched by the bloodruby mines. This rare stone could grant immortality to those who knew their secrets. . .

But what was once a pirate paradise has now become war-torn hellscape since the Three Captains turned on each other, ripping the island's society apart at the seams. The great city is in ruins, and the port is a haven of foul blight and debauchery. Sand dunes now bury the great temples and palaces, a volcano spews toxic fumes, choking the few inhabitants foolish enough to stay on these shores.

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