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Lostlorn Games Welcomes You

Lostlorn games is an indie TTRPG company headed by the legendary Mark Rein•Hagen, creator of Vampire: the Masquerade and the Old World of Darkness as well as Ars Magica. We are here to provide you with a brand new set of tools to create your own stories in faraway lands full of monsters, mystery, and misfortune. Our stories are intended to inspire your own, and we invite you to explore our world and all its secrets and treasures. 

In Memory of Mishelle Buckley

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Mishelle "Mish" Buckley was not only a tremendously skilled human being, she was also kind, caring, and dedicated to the gaming community. She believed wholeheartedly in everybody and brought a light and a piece of joy everywhere she went. If she had to fly across a continent to be there when a friend needed her, she did it without hesitation. Her infectious laughter, her honesty, and her love were all on her sleeve for the world to see. 

Mish served in the Lostlorn marketing department and HR where she worked tirelessly to coordinate plans, help create opportunities, and encourage others. She stayed up late nights or woke early in the morning in order to be present for the international team, and her dedication to not only the team but the industry was easy to see. Her passion, vitality, energy, and guidance will be tremendously missed.

A memorial was held on March 9th by friends and family of Mishelle who in her honor celebrated her life and all of her many accomplishments.  She will be dearly missed.

John J. Gamel, Alicia Lee, & Ellis Prybylski

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The Curse of BloodStone Isle

The World of Lostlorn

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